Validation error in vCard: The FN property must appear in the VCARD component exactly 1 time

  • I have a Samsung S20 5G recently upgraded to the most recent Android 11. It appears something changed and Google was setup again to sync my contact data. DAVx5 did not complain, and only tonight I noticed my contacts were not being synced to my Nextcloud 21.0.5 contacts. So I turned off Google as a sync source and now I get HTTP 415 errors attempting to sync. I do not know when the syncing from my phone stopped, and restoring the phone would only ensure those contacts are not synced. Storage on my S20 is only 30% used.

  • I uninstalled and re-installed the app, it sync’d. I think there may be a contact (which I previously attempted to delete) in my Samsung which has no name but has an image. I was looking at the debug data and it appears that there was jpg image data but no contact data. I think it may be lingering in my Phone but fortunately when attempting to move contacts using the Samsung contacts app, it lists this problematic contact as “Unnamed Contact”. So I was able to deselect it so it was not "Moved from the phone contacts to the dav account’s contacts.

    Hopefully this is resolved.

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