• Hi,
    i use DAVX5 on an android 9 mobile phone to sync a calendar with Nextcloud 19.
    The certificate i have for Nextcloud is one from Letsencrypt.

    Now i get a notification from DAVX5 the the connection is not secure and i shoul check the certificate, the certificate has however been renewed.

    How do i force DAVX5 to load the new certificate?

    Thanks for any hint.


  • I’ve migrated my Nextcloud installation to a different server using Lets Encrypt certificates and am now receiving this same notification on my Android phone. Tapping on the notification does not do anything useful. It brings me to the settings screen for the DavX account, but there isn’t anything I can do here to see or accept the certificate.

    I have the same question. How can I get DavX5 to accept the new Lets Encrypt certificate?

  • developer

    Did you install the intermediate certificate of LetsEncrypt? There are three cases when new LetsEncrypt certificates are not accepted automatically:

    1. If you changed the DAVx5 setting Trust system certificates to off, and/or
    2. when the certificate chain is not complete (you have to pack intermediate certificates into the chain on the server), and/or
    3. when the certificate is invalid (shouldn’t happen with a new Let’s Encrypt certificate).

    In most cases it’s the intermediate cert. Note that other systems may have the intermediate certs preinstalled, so they may be able to validate the certificate chain even if it doesn’t contain the intermediate cert.

    Which tool are you using to create the certificate?

  • @rfc2822
    thanks, i solved it by solving the certificate-problem of the domain that i used.

    So in the end it was not a DAVx5 problem.


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