• Been using DAVx5 for a while. Recently I switched my server to a new domain name and shut down the old one. Now I keep getting errors when DAVx5 is trying to sync. Is there a way to change the server URL in the app to get it to push the contacts and calendar to the new server?

  • admin

    @larryjbjr Unfortunately no. We’ve not had enough time to look into this feature, because it is (internally) a very complex task. Mostly due to the fact that DAVx5 accounts are system accounts and can’t be easily backupped…

    I’d recommend to use iCal Import exort (Android app) and export your current calendars on the mobile. Then add a new DAVx5 account with the new server with an empty calendar, and import the file to the new DAVx5 account. For contacts you can use the build-in export to vcf tool on Android and import the contacts to a new empty address book.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thank you for the help. I managed to get my contacts imported to my new server, but can not get my calendars to sync.

    I installed iCal Import/Export and imported my existing calendar from my old server. But when I try to export it to the new server I can not figure it out.

    I pasted the URL of my calendar on my new server and put in my username and password, but then it keeps saying I need to input the filename. I don’t know what filename it is asking for.

    Is this something you can help me with?


  • admin

    @larryjbjr what I originally meant was to export the entries directly on the phone into a file with iCal Import/Export, since you still seem to have your old DAVx5 account running on the same mobile device. because of that all your entries should still be visible even if the old DAVx5 account can’t access the server anymore. but the entries are only removed from the device when you delete the “non-working” DAVx5 account from the system.

    So I didn’t meant to import calendar files via an URL of the server, but export the old entries from the old account into a file directly on the mobile, and then import them into the newly created account that is working.

  • @devvv4ever

    Ok, the solution was to use Transfer to transfer from old to new.

    Thank you for your help.

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