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    Current beta version: 4.0-beta1 (available in Google Play – see “Get beta version of apps” for instructions) and F-Droid)

    Our upcoming major release DAVx⁵ 4.0 will offer live file access to any WebDAV capable files storage. This can greatly empower your productivity and enhance working remotely on Android!


    Please help us testing:

    • add any of your known WebDAV implementation and report back here in this thread! Please test hosted services (if you have one), where we don’t have access. Please test some or all of the features written below. Your help is highly appreciated! 🙂

    Current features:

    • You can access all your remote files directly without downloading it to the device:
      • You can download, upload, rename, copy, move and delete any of your remote files and manage them as it would be a local storage or you can even copy files from one WebDAV storage to another.
      • DAVx⁵ offers you the possibility to directly stream files of any size (with random access on Android 8+). For example you can directly watch your 65GB 4K/8K video on the device (however for this a good network connection like LAN/WiFi recommended 😉 You can even jump to any position of that video! ). But you can also simply stream your music or do remote work.
    • The WebDAV mount is fully integrated into Android, so you can send / attach files easily from within all apps that support the standard files browser. For example: send a friend a meme from your remotely stored memes collection in Threema, Signal or your Jabber client. Send a video or PDF as an attachment in your EMail app. And more.
    • Live editing is also possible (only whole-file PUT, no random access at the moment). Open an existing text file to note some things and save it directly on the server.

    Tested providers:

    • Nextcloud, Synology, owncloud, KolabNow, eGroupware, fastmail, box, GMX, Yandex.

    Set up WebDAV in DAVx⁵:

    1. From the navigation drawer use ToolsWebDAV mounts.
    2. Create a mount. Enter the webDAV URL (don’t forget http:// or https://) with your username and password.
    3. Click “Mount”. An entry with your data will appear.
    4. The mount is now available in the system.

    To access the files, use a file manager:

    • AOSP My Files (for example pre-installed on Lineage OS devices): you will see the mounts directly in the list and can start browsing and managing your files.
    • Material Files [F-Droid / Google Play]: Click “Add storage” → “External storage” →Open the drawer in Material files →Choose a WebDAV mount** from the upcoming list → Click “Use this Folder”. It will be added as a shortcut in Material files.
    • It should work with any other file manager that supports Storage Access Framework. Unfortunately, it seems that most vendors don’t implement that (yet).

    You can also open files directly from apps which support the Storage Access Framework.

    Known issues (DAVx⁵):

    * Add mount: no error message is displayed when using wrong login parameters

    • Thumbnail generation for images are currently only enabled when connected to a WiFi (there is no standard for this yet which could be implemented and therefore this is pretty traffic intense), and if the requesting UI supports “cancellation signals” (Material Files at the moment doesn’t).

    Known Issues (3rd-party apps)

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  • I would like to try it with EGroupware, but don’t get how to get the pre view app?

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    @birgit-egroupware Hi Birgit, currently it is available in the Play Store beta channel of DAVx5. You can join it on your mobile device here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=at.bitfire.davdroid

    We will also update the tweet when it has been built by the f-droid.org team (it usually takes a few days after we’ve tagged the gitlab repo).

    Have a nice weekend,

    PS: I can also directly send you an apk if you want (you know my email ;-))

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