Sync Google contact photo with other apps?

  • I’m always frustrated that Google contact pictures I have signed to people do not show when I create a direct contact icon and also in WhatsApp.

    Will this app fix that?

  • admin

    @boardtc On Android the contacts list is compiled from so called raw contacts (every account has its own contacts - for example whatsapp has a duplicated list of contacts). An algorithm tries to merge these contacts (it’s duplicates) into one visible contact for you (you can see this when editing a contact - then you’ll see connections to Whatsapp, Signal, Threema, etc). Maybe you assigned a picture into another raw contact of a not-DAVx5-account. Then you might not see the picture you attached to this contact when you pull that contact out for quick use. However it should work with contact picture - I just tested it on a Samsung device.

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