Foreground notification - make it silent

  • Hi,

    for my phone I have to activate the foreground notification so that the service is able to sync.Screenshot_2021-09-12-19-46-39-50_ffb2f5e1b976ff98cfc94f359fbce8de.jpg

    Sadly this notification does not behave like the others do. Mainly this is recognizable because it is not collapsed and apps like Nova Launcher which show a dot for notifications with the app icon show one because they assume it to be an important notification.

    Are you aware of this? Is there a special property you can set? In the settings the notification channel is marked as muted => therefore showing up under the muted notification (“Lautlose Benachrichtigungen”) section in the status bar.


  • admin

    @hypervtechnics You should be able to completely make this notification invisible in the notification channels options (link can be found in the DAVx5 settings). It will then be active but not visible anymore.

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