Davx5 and outlook calendar

  • Hi all,

    My davx5 is linked to all my accounts and and works fine with the acalendar app. However, when I try to get it in my outlook 365 app there seem to be issues. Outlook doesn’t find the calendar. It does find a local calender file but that doesn’t contain anything of the calendar I want to sync.

    I am using an Android 11 phone

    Thank you in advance

  • admin

    @mischa-hakvoort Answering you here, too (so that everyone can read the answer in the future)

    Unfortunately Microsoft is not using the standard implementation of Androids calendar provider (like most other calendar apps on Android) - thus you won’t be able to use it with the Outlook app. It’s the same with all big companies - the refrain of using open standards - everything must be closed source and interoperability is a foreign word for them - they want to hook you in once and… forever…

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