Sync without involving "Android Calendar/Contacts Storage" (Nextcloud - DavX5 - SimpleCalendar)

  • Hi,

    is it feasible to sync Nextcloud and Simple Calendar/Contacts via DavX5 without using Android as middleman?

    Please excuse my ignorance if this is a primitive question or if I’m wrong in my assumptions.

    My train of thought here is, that the data may be a tiny bit more secure if I don’t hand it over to Android to deal with it. Rather I’d like DavX and my Apps to communicate directly - or tell DavX to ‘put it there’ and let Simple-xx ‘take it from there’.

    In my case:
    DavX is showing the Nextcloud calendars and contacts correctly.
    I reject the access to the android contacts and calendar storage.

    _CONTACTS: denied
    _CALENDAR: denied
    _TASKS: denied

    Telling Simple Calendar to fetch the CalDAV sync it’s showing:


    So I’d guess, that it’s not possible.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

  • developer

    @markexclamation Hi,

    It would be only possible with an alternative content provider that stores the contacts and events.

    In this case, both DAVx⁵ and user apps would have to access this alternative content provider. “Normal” contact and calendar apps (including the dialer to call some person, email clients which want to get the email address of some person etc.) then wouldn’t see the data.

    However, what would be the benefit? The calendar/contacts storage is open-source in the AOSP version (I often look up things in its source code); so if you want to be secure, I’d recommend to run an Android version that is mostly open-sourced (like Fairphone OS, ShiftOS, Lineage OS).

  • @rfc2822 Hi,

    oi, that was quick.

    I wasn’t sure about the ‘validity’ of the c/c storage.

    Like, worst case: I do whatever I can to keep the data safe, but by using mentioned storage I automatically allow aunty Google/WhatsApp/younameit to grab whatever is in there. By using another service or storage it would be at least more difficult or uncommon.
    Best case: It’s just one service of many, living their lives in the white noise of the Android background processes 🙂 Then, by avoiding it, there would be no benefit at all.

    If I interpret you right it’s closer to the best case - so I’ll use it as intended.

    To look for a different OS (instead of continuously tweaking the stock one) is a good plan, thanks.
    After I’m familiar with Nextcloud an my little server I’ll dive into it.

    Thanks a lot for the fast reply 👍

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