• Hello,

    i have an Samsung Galaxy S10+ and can connect to my nextcloud instance (I see my calendar & contacts) but I don’t see my calendars on my device. Even if I manually sync. There is no error but an infinite sync loop (in my device settings --> accounts --> Davx5 there is always one button that says “Abort Sync”).

    Thanks in advance


  • admin

    @tadopai Hello Theo, did you try it without VPN? Maybe the VPN blocks internet connectivity checks (done by the Android Sync Framework). A DAVx5 sync can only be triggered by Android when the Sync Framework can send a connectivity check to a Google server. If this check fails (often prohibited by VPNs), Android does not run a sync for DAVx5.

  • @devvv4ever Yes I’ve tried it without a VPN. Without success…

  • Okay I have deleted my android (because I hate Google & Samsung) and installed “e” os. Now its syncing 🙂

  • admin

    @tadopai awesome 🙂

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