Davdroid do not use groups/categrories for contacts

  • I have a DAViCal server. My contacts are displatched in different groups. The groups are working fine on Apple Contacts application and also using carddavmate http://www.inf-it.com/open-source/clients/carddavmate/ so the problem is not on the server side.

    After synchronising my contacts using davdroid 0.5.6-alpha the contacts are all in the “unaffected” group on my Android 4.3 Galaxy Note 2.

    The .vcf record contains the group name in the CATEGORIES field:

    I could not find any occurrence of “CATEGORIES” in the davdroid source code.

    Are groups supposed to be working?

  • developer

    Categories are not synced, see #48

  • The CardDAV application can synchronize correctly groups. At least the records appear in a correct group on Android. So davdroid could do the same.

    But CardDAV do not synch all the records fields and is not free software. So davdroid is better.

  • developer

    Please see #48: DAVdroid could provide “almost” full category support but there would still be issues. Could you please check if these issues (described in #48) also are present with Carddav-sync?

  • I know the feature will be limited. But I think it is better than nothing.

    I do not create groups using Android. So it is not a problem (for me) if davdroid can’t do that.

  • One working solution is to use both davdroid and Carddav-sync:

    • Carddav-sync provides groups
    • davdroid provides two-way sync

    The same contacts are merged in the Android Contacts application so only one occurrence of each contact is displayed. Not an optimal solution but working.

  • @LudovicRousseau How does that work with syncing? I would be afraid of the two apps working at cross purposes. For example, DAVdroid handles phonetic names but not groups, and CardDav-Sync handles groups but not phonetic names. Does each one sync only part of each contact’s information? If that does happen, it would appear to be lucky but accidental, and therefore not reliable. What do you think?

  • Maybe it is just magic but it looks like to work so far.
    Just try by yourself to find corner cases.

    I will add comments here if/when I find issues with this configuration.

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