• Hi,
    i have been using davx5 for ages now, but some calendars are dropping out sometimes and create Network-/ E/A-Errors. Those are usually fine, because when the next interval is due, the issues are gone. However, it always creates a “useless” notification. (Useless in the sense that there is only a temporary failure, not a general one)

    I propose a “lenient” mode, where a notification is only shown if an error is persistent (showing up multiple times in successive runs, or in a given timeframe)
    This way a notification is only shown if there is a long term issue.

    I do not know if this is actually useful, so i’d like others to give their opinions!

  • admin

    @newhinton FYI: You can manage notifications in the notification channels found in the settings. Just switch off the Network & E/A errors and you would not be bothered anymore - however you will never see them again 🙂

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