DAVx: sync automatically disables itself

  • I am running LOS 18.1 on an OnePlus 6, using DAVx 3.3.12-gplay to sync with a few calendars on a Nextcloud instance.
    DAVx is excluded from power management!

    Automatic sync of calendars constantly disables itself:
    Accounts -> DAVx -> Account Sync
    tapping the Calendar toggle, the toggle immediatelly switches back to “disabled” state and I need to tap again to make it stick at “enabled”
    b) nevertheless after a while (sometimes hours, sometimes just minutes) again “Sync is off for all items”

    Item a) is even more disturbing than item b) since no ther toggle elsewhere bounces back after the first tap.

    So far, I am unable to spot a pattern (except screensaver/lock kicking in), but it used to work before – not sure when it started to fail, maybe three or four months ago, when >I still was using LOS 17.1

  • developer

    @2021-07-19 Hi,

    Doesn’t sound like this is coming from DAVx⁵… maybe adb logs would show what happens when you click the toggle or when syncing disables itself.

  • @rfc2822 Actually, it does.
    On a trip I had some time on my hands and browsed DAVx’s account settings.
    Apparently when first configuring the account, I set
    Calendars sync. interval
    Only manually

    After changing that to another value, calendar sync stays enabled.

    While it makes sort of sense now, it’s rather non-obvious.
    When toggling as described in a) in this case there either should be some sort of information, pointing users to the conflicting setting. Or, better, a way to solve the conflict, maybe by showing the
    Calendars sync. interval
    list and letting user select a sensible value.

    As for the bouncing back of the toggle, I presume it’s caused by just those conflicting settings.

  • developer

    @2021-07-19 Ah, I see. So it’s the feature “remember sync intervals and set them again when the app is started and after booting”. I do not like this feature, but it’s required because some devices always reset the sync intervals, so “DAVx5 doesn’t synchronize”, which is the number one problem in support.

    So this sounds like “working as expected”. Am I right that the sync interval which is set in DAVx⁵ is correctly followed by DAVx⁵ in all cases?

    Maybe we can add a note to the manual that the sync should not be enabled/disabled in the Android Accounts settings, but only directly in DAVx⁵.

  • @rfc2822 Can’t say if it is that feature, since from my PoV it is not related to (re)booting at all.

    But indeed, sync seems to be enabled at all times now.

    TBH I don’t think a note in the manual will help much – if any a note should appear in the account’s settings or, even better, a redirection from there to the settings.
    But I suppose that’s not feasible, Android probably only allows the the categories (“Address books”, “Calendars”) and toggle here?

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