• Hello there,

    Seems I found bug in the app DAVx5 3.3.11-ose.

    I’ve done the following steps

    1. added G.Calendar (.isc link) in Nextlcoud (trying to sync with Google Calendar and it worked)
    2. synchronized with NC from my android via DAVx5:
      • calendar.google.com appeared in WebCal tab of my NC account (added to sync in ICSx5 as well) and G.Cal record appeared in my calendar app
      • all other records (in CardDav and CalDav) got NULL value under titles
    3. I deleted G.Cal from NC and resynced NC account in DAVx5
      • G.Cal disappeared from WebCals (but not from ICSx5), NULLs for other calendars didn’t

    What can be done with these annoying NULLs?

  • developer


    Thanks for your report. However I couldn’t reproduce the problem with those steps. What do I have to do to see these “null” values? Where do these “null” values appear? Can you maybe provide a screenshot?

  • @rfc2822 yeah, sorry for that, forgot about screenshots.
    Probably you can explain which field in DB stands for these lines, maybe I can find them and see for myself.

    65fcb40c-8a98-4227-9d4d-61868cbc9dd4-image.png 59234ed7-7e27-4156-b5c6-d6d495ca85d3-image.png 332016d2-b63e-47a0-afce-d745ed412ff7-image.png
  • developer

    @gekul Those are the collection descriptions. Maybe your Nextcloud has actually sent “NULL” and DAVx⁵ just displays it? Can you post the DAVx⁵ debug info (or send it to support-en@davx5.com if you don’t want to post it publicly)? There’s a database dump in it where you can see the values, especially the collection descriptions.

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