DavX5 sometimes hangs with Wait / Close dialog

  • Sometimes (maybe few times a month) with no discernible cause (eg. DavX5 was in background and I was not doing anything special with it - but there might have been new calendar entries to sync since last sync) DavX5 seems to hang, as OS says the DavX5 is not responding and offers Wait / Close app dialog. Pressing Wait does nothing for few dozen seconds, and then re-offers same dialog., even if I do it several times in a row.

    I’m unable to select View / Share logs at the time when that happens, as DavX5 does not respond there either, and I simply get Wait/Close dialog again.

    Choosing Close kills the DavX5 and restart it, but that shows in View/Share logs all old logs have been purged, only starting with latest timestamps since the time of DavX5 restart.

    It never happened for years until several months ago. In the mean time there have been several DavX5 updates and also system update from EMUI 10 to EMUI 11.

    The rest of the time, DavX5 seems to working just fine without problems, syncing with NextCloud.

    Additional error, might be related (or not) - one time since the troubles started, in DavX5 notification area there were noted errors like NotableDays - pthread_create (1040KB stack) failed: Try Again (repeated for few of my calendars). Unfortunately I did not debug more then, and it did not occur later (so far).

    Any ideas what I can try next to help debug / fix this? Thanks for your time and this great app!

    DavX5 is currently v. 3.3.11-ose from f-droid, hardware is Huawei P30 Pro, with EMUI 11 (Android version 10). Attached is manually copied debug_info.txt

  • @mnalis By any chance, are you using the new dark mode? As unlikely as it sounds, I have found that disabling the dark mode resolved at least one seemingly unrelated issue.

  • @croissant Yes, I’m using System default, which is dark mode. I’ve now forced the DavX5 theme to Light, so I’ll see if it fixes it. Obviously I can’t prove a negative (and the bug doesn’t happen all that often), but if it happens again I’ll followup on this post. Thanks for the hint!

  • @croissant Unfortunately, it happened again, with theme forced to light. I’ll try to force it to dark now (as that is my system theme), but I’m not having high hopes…

  • Phone hanged again, at 19.6.2021. and the phone was displaying 14:00 at the time of first ANR notifaction by phone. I’ve pressed wait few times, and then close.

    attached in dav5-debug-hang.zip are:

    • complete Logcat Reader app output (started after Application Not Responding, but seems to have logs some times in the past)
    • debug-info.txt
    • excerpt from huge (750MB uncompressed!) davx5-log.txt, which does not show logs for 2 hours leading to the crash, and then logs start only when I killed DavX5 and it restarted. I can send more from it if needed; let me know if it might help.

    The phone is not rooted, but I’ve tried giving permission with adb shell pm grant com.dp.logcatapp android.permission.READ_LOGS, and its output contains lines like those below (some of them repeated many times), so I hope they might contain some useful information. @rfc2822 Let me know if not, and how/if I can gather more useful data.

    [06-19 14:00:14.455 769:1635 W/BufferQueueProducer] [Application Not Responding: at.bitfire.davdroid#0]:1403: disconnect: not connected (req=1)
    [06-19 14:00:35.271 7508:7519 I/itfire.davdroi] Thread[4,tid=7519,WaitingInMainSignalCatcherLoop,Thread*=0x79afa4c800,peer=0x12f00288,"Signal Catcher"]: reacting to signal 3
    [06-19 14:00:47.437 1437:2204 I/SyncManager]
    Not scheduling because a duplicate exists:JobId=-1 XXXXXXXXX/ u0 (bitfire.at.davdroid u0 [com.android.calendar] LOCAL ExpectedIn=30s STANDBY-EXEMPTED(TOP) Reason=10009 expectedRuntime: 220255602
    [06-19 14:00:49.817 1437:2556 I/WindowManager] 
    Changing focus from Window{f56fa15 u0 StatusBar} to Window{c1a0a3b u0 Application Not Responding: at.bitfire.davdroid} displayId=0 Callers=com.android.server.wm.RootWindowContainer.updateFocusedWindowLocked:211 com.android.server.wm.WindowManagerService.updateFocusedWindowLocked:6379 com.android.server.wm.WindowManagerService.relayoutWindow:2726 com.android.server.wm.Session.relayout:196
    [06-19 14:01:24.561 1437:1569 E/ActivityManager]
    ANR in at.bitfire.davdroid
    PID: 7508
    Reason: executing service at.bitfire.davdroid/.syncadapter.CalendarsSyncAdapterService
    Load: 53.16 / 53.25 / 53.18
    CPU usage from 0ms to 12798ms later (2021-06-19 14:01:11.739 to 2021-06-19 14:01:24.536):
      81% 7508/at.bitfire.davdroid: 67% user + 14% kernel / faults: 25913 minor
      10% 1437/system_server: 5.7% user + 4.7% kernel / faults: 5196 minor
      3.3% 2209/com.android.systemui: 2.5% user + 0.7% kernel / faults: 1450 minor
    [06-19 14:01:26.302 2209:2374 E/HiEvent.Payload]
    new JsonPayload exception:Expected ':' after pkgat.bitfire.davdroid at character 24 of {pkgat.bitfire.davdroid}
    [06-19 14:01:28.000 2209:2209 I/NotifRemoteInputManager]
    Notification click handler invoked for intent: PendingIntent{ace6b09: android.os.BinderProxy@88117eb}, pkg:at.bitfire.davdroid
    [06-19 14:01:28.006 1437:2806 I/ActivityTaskManager]
    START u0 {act=android.intent.action.SEND flg=0x10000000 hwFlg=0x110 cmp=at.bitfire.davdroid/.ui.DebugInfoActivity bnds=[64,1150][343,1294] (has extras)} from uid 10180
    [06-19 14:01:28.007 1437:2806 I/ActivityTaskManager]
    ActivityRecord info: ActivityInfo{f2e44bc at.bitfire.davdroid.ui.DebugInfoActivity}

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