Share logs only offers subset of applications

  • When I enable verbose logging and click on View / Share and View logs (or Debug info), even after I expand the window, I’m only presented with few options to share logs with few apps:


    Most notably, I’m missing K-9 mail program as well as recommendedShareViaHTTPand many other apps (IM apps etc), all of which I have installed and which are being offered just fine when sharing from other programs, including those that share .zip files (like OsmAnd):

    It’s v. 3.3.11-ose from f-droid, hardware is Huawei P30 Pro, with EMUI 11 (Android version 10). Attached is manually copied debug_info.debug_info.txt

    Have anybody else seen this, and is there a fix?

  • developer

    @mnalis Hi,

    Thanks for your message.

    OsmAnd shares with MIME type */* (DAVx⁵ currently with application/zip), which is “highly discouraged”, but seems to show all available apps, including ShareViaHttp and K-9.

    Will be changed with the next version.

  • @rfc2822 Sorry, it seems to be false alarm, and this be-more-like-OsmAnd change seems to not be needed after all.

    To explain, what I did was pull down android drawer, expanded DavX5 notification icon, and clicked on Verbose logging - View/Share. That opened DavX5 screen with Debug info - View details and Logs - View logs.

    It was those View details and View logs links that when clicked produced that DavX5 screenshot above. I guess I conflated View/Share from initial click with View in second click, assuming that this View would do Share.

    I seem to have completely missed orange share icon in bottom-right corner, classifying it as ornamental only. What might have contributed to me missing it is the fact (probably due to amount of data I’ve been collecting to report that other hanging bug) that when clicked, it does no visual feedback at all for about ~11 seconds (on this otherwise very fast phone), so I might have clicked it but then moved away (assuming nothing was happening) before it had chance to react.

    Now I stopped and restarted logs, so suddenly orange share icon responded immediately (<<1 sec), and it shares .zip just fine:

    Again I apologize for wasting time on this false trail. Perhaps an UI might be improved so there is Please wait notification when orange share icon is pressed to prevent this confusion for the next person with big logs?

  • developer

    @mnalis In my tests, I have experienced the same problem as you (ZIP file was not shared), although I have used the floating action button. So I think the new */* is more failsafe.

    I have never seen that compression takes so long. I’ll have a look. There should be a progress bar or something like that in that case.

  • @rfc2822 oh good, then the bug report wasn’t wasted 🙂

    As for the compression taking long, I was running it for about two weeks trying to catch info why DAVx5 is hanging sometimes and needs to be killed manually (I’ll update my other post describing this shortly). The resulting .zip file is 46MB, with uncompressed size ~750MB, so it might explain the slowness.

  • developer

    @mnalis The process of sharing the archive has been reworked and now shows feedback while the .zip is being generated:

    Thanks for your suggestion.

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