• I used a Baïkal CalDAV Server together with the Thunderbird Calendar for years. To synchronize my mobile phone I use DAVx.
    Suddenly the Thunderbird Calendar did not work anymore while the Etar
    Calendar synced with DAVx was still working.
    I took quite a lot of time to find the problem. The Calender Server used a port number of 10080. When I tried to access the server from Chrome or Firefox I got “ERR_UNSAVE_PORT”. It seems that Thunderbird Calender also blocked
    this port. So changed the port on the server and all is working again, but
    DAVx does not update my mobile calendar anymore.
    I did not find a possibility to update the port of the BASE URL in DAVx.
    Is there a config file, where I can change this with an editor? I have a Terminal app and BusyBox running on my lineage version of my mobile phone.

  • developer

    @hpcraith Please see https://forums.bitfire.at/post/6487. You can just delete the account and create it again with the correct URL, it shouldn’t take more than about 30 seconds or maybe a minute.

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