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  • I just started using DAVx5, seems like a big help in losening ties to the G. What calendar apps are you using in conjunction with DAVx5? Any recommendations? I’m specifically looking for a calendar app, that is able to display not only events but also tasks (that have a due date).

    Thunderbird is able to display the tasks from my nextcloud CalDav out of the box while I couldn’t find an android app that can.
    So far I tested Etar, simple calendar, and the google calendar, none of which can deal with tasks it seems to me.

    I really prefer open source projects and don’t mind paying for them.

    Any recommendations are welcome, cheers!

  • developer

    @pelatti As far as I know, the only compatible tasks apps are currently:

    • aCalendar+ (needs OpenTasks as tasks backend)
    • OpenTasks itself
    • itself

    So aCalendar+ is – as far as I know – currently the only calendar app that is also able to process tasks.

  • @rfc2822 Thank you for the very immediate reply on this Saturday evening.

    I just tried aCalendar+ (not open source but they seem support worthy). This is hilarious. For task support they rely on the OpenTasks app, which I’ve tested before and really disliked. The task management in aCal+ itself is very rudimentary, and basically only useful for the calendar integration. So I need another app for task management (I currently use, which I’d be fine with except for the fact that I now have 3 apps installed to do one job (4 if you count DAVx5). :')

    It turns out to be quite the headache trying to scrub off the big Goo.

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