• Test Case:

    • Start with a NextCloud hosted CardDAV list of contacts, fully synchronized on multiple devices including an Android phone with DAVx5 and an iPhone.
    • Access NextCloud on a desktop web browser and in the Contacts app add an additional email address to an existing contact.
    • Immediately thereafter, start writing an email to this existing contact on the iPhone and on the Android phone.
    • iPhone: by the time I tap the arrow to display the additional email addresses, Apple Mail has already seamlessly synchronized.
    • Android: waiting for the sync interval to elapse…

    How does Apple do it, and could DAVx5 do the same?

  • developer

    @y-l Maybe the email app triggers a contact sync?

    You can get more information in your Web server/Nextcloud logs. Watch the logs while you do the same process… when does the iPhone access your Nextcloud?

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