• Hi,
    I have seen some related questions in this forum, but they do not exactly tackle my question:
    Can I sync my Synology WebDav Calendar via a Quickconnect URL if I only have a Dualstack Lite DSL connection (Fixed IPv6 address, but no IPv4 address reachable from the outside)?
    Will a URL <quickconnectID>.de3.quickconnect.to be reachable via DAVx5 from an IPv4 source IP (being mapped by Quickconnect to the IPv6 address of my NAS)?
    Can Davx5 deal with the http redirect of the quickconnect.to URL?


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    @davvi Hi! for quickconnect.to you will specifically need to port-forward CalDAV and CardDAV ports. Otherwise it won’t work. With some digging you might be able to configure Synology to this behaviour, but it is not a supereasy task. DynDNS works better with port forwarding. Hope it helps!

  • @devvv4ever As mentioned, I have a Dualstack Lite connection. That means that I cannot do a port forwarding for the IPv4 side of the connection as one public IPv4 is shared with several DSL lines. Only the IPv6 is a dedicated address. And there is no port forwarding on IPv6.
    So, to address my NAS, I need to address it via IPv6.
    I could follow your advice and do IPv6 DynDNS. But this only works with internet clients with an IPv6 address. Unfortunately, there are still DSL providers 2021 in Germany who still provide only an IPv4 address.
    So, I need a protocol switcher for IPv4 sources to my NAS IPv6 destination. The easiest way is Synology Quickconnect.
    I can resolve the A and AAAA record (via “dig”) of my quickconnect URL <quickconnectID>.de3.quickconnect.to to IP addresses. But how can I ensure that Davx5 deals with this correctly and also selects the IPv6 address instead of the IPv4 address?

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