• Hi,

    Today I found out that it is not possible to change the server url after creation of the account. I was forced to move my CalDav server to a different address and it had been down for about a week. Locally I still used the Calendars from the server - as I am used to. However, now the server location has changed and it is not possible to change this url. As a result I had to completely remove the account and resync everything after adding the new account and as a result, all the offline changes are lost completely. Is it possible to add the server url to the account settings and be able to modify it after creation?

    Looking forward to hear your ideas.

    Best regards,

  • developer

    @memen45 Hi,

    At the moment, this is not possible. Please follow up here: https://forums.bitfire.at/post/6487

    If you have unsynchronized entries, you can always export them using a calendar/address book app and then import them again into the new account.

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