Android 11 - List all contacts wrongly saved in DAVx⁵ instead of DAVx⁵ (Address book)

  • Hello there,

    Thanks a lot for this app! I figured that I had saved many contacts in the past months by clicking DAVx⁵ instead of DAVx⁵ (Address book). Which resulted in those contacts not being synchronized. cf:

    Do you have a suggestion how I can figure out what contacts are saved wrongly, so that I can move them to the right address book?


  • developer

    @greycat Hi, you should be able to show contacts from specific address books in your Contacts app. So you can click through your DAVx⁵ non-address book accounts in Google Contacts and move these contacts to the correct DAVx⁵ address-book account.

    Additionally, since DAVx⁵ 3.3.9 (released today), you can see how many contacts are wrongly assigned in the debug info (“xx wrongly assigned contacts”). This value should always be 0.

  • Thanks, I checked it out and see that I have 15 wrongly assigned contacts. Do you have a suggestion for a contact app? I just tested out one that is called contact, it’s FOSS from “Simple Mobile Tools” , but it didn’t allow me to filter or show only the contacts from a specific address book. The default android contact app doesn’t seem to allow this either.

  • developer

    The default android contact app doesn’t seem to allow this either.

    Which one? Both AOSP Contacts (in the left navigation frame) and Google Contacts (account selection at the right top) support this.

  • Thanks for following up, what I thought was Google contact, was in fact Google dialer, those 2 are different and I didn’t know. Google contact lets you switch accounts indeed, by swiping the little icon at the top, right from the search box.

    Problem solved, thanks again 🙌

  • Ah! I came here to ask exactly the same question. For some time I have seen these two accounts from my DAVx5: and ug and I wondered which was the correct place to store my contacts. So I need to use the “ug” one…

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