Batteryconsumption if Nextcloud not available

  • Battery cunsumption in Android increase if Nextcloud Server not available.
    Selv hosted Nextcloud Server available in local LAN/WLAN, Calendar sync only manual in DAVx5,
    in Default Calender-APP Calendar Display and Update selected: Batteryusage=1%/h (is OK)
    When WLAN in Device is off, or Accesspoint off, or Nextcloudserver off: Batteryusage=2.5%/h

    cubot kingkong mini
    Lineageos 17.1 without Googleapps with or without microG
    DAVx5 excluded from Batteryoptimization or not.
    Nextcloud Server hosted local and only accessible in local Network.

    I have tried lots of setup combinations or calendar-app like etar
    Increase of Batteryusage does not happen, if DAV Calendars completly disabled in Calendar-App.
    Any idea?

  • admin

    @linuxdatenschutz From my personal experience even 1% per hour is too much. Normally DAVx5 does not take more than a few percenteges over the full day (maybe a little more when there is an initial sync after a new setup on the device). It could however be that - if the connections responses from the server take very long, that DAVx5 is then active for a longer time and maybe needs more power. Or maybe if something blocks DAVx5 and it retries it after that.

  • @devvv4ever

    • The Batteryconsumption i wrote (1% and 2.5%) is measured device overall.
    • In manual Update setup, and no update manual started, there should be no answering time Form Server.

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