• Hi all,

    I’ve been trying to sync my contacts with google Carddav, but it looks like all documented API endpoints now just show 404:

    This seems disappointing as caldav is still enabled and working well.

    Has anyone had any luck with getting carddav working with google recently?


  • admin

    @ge0rg3 Hello, we just tried it and it works. You have to activate either use 2-Factor-Auth with an app-password (recommended) or enable the “less secure apps” option in the google account security. See here: https://www.davx5.com/tested-with/google

    The steps on this page still work for me. Please post steps to re-produce and which step is problematic for you. Thank you!

  • Hi @devvv4ever, thanks for the reply.

    I have followed these steps and am using the App Password method.
    When holding onto the Address Book for carddav and clicking “Properties” within the app, it shows the following Address URL: https://www.google.com/carddav/v1/principals/MYEMAIL/lists/default/
    When I visit this URL in my browser, Google just shows a 404.

    However, as mentioned, caldav is working as expected, so I think that my setup process was as expected.


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