Contacts: anniversary is lost during sync


Beside the birthday of a contact (BDAY in VCF), android supports additional dates, such as an anniversary. Until now (DAVdroid 0.5.3-alpha), these fields get lost during synchronization of a contact which uses these fields.

The export feature of the android contacts app generates an VCF file including this information in the form:;2013-01-01;1;;;;;;;;;;;;;

This entry represents an anniversary (the 1 at the end) with date 2013-01-01.

It would be very nice, if DAVdroid could implement this field type in order to prevent lost data.

Thank you very much!


This is because VCard 3 doesn't support anniversaries. I will see what I can do.

Temporal relations are not necessarily causal relations.


Oh, the solution was much easier than I thought ...

Thank you very much for this great app and the fast support!

(I'm now only looking forward to a solution for the category/group field in contacts [#48])

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