One hour time difference for nextcloud synced events

  • I am not sure if it’s actually Davx5 problem or not, but since I can’t figure out anything, have to start somewhere.

    Recently (around last week of December) I noticed that all events on android have moved one hour before their time, and now have one hour difference from Nextcloud server. This includes old recurring events, and even any new even I create. I also sync Thunderbird with Nextcloud, and everything if fine there.

    Everything was working fine before, and I am not sure of exactly when the problem started. I don’t recall if I updated or didn’t update any software (though most of the stuff is installed through Play Store so it updates automatically).

    I have checked Date & Time settings on my mobile and that seems fine too

    • My mobile is Samsung Galaxy A20, with Android 10
    • Nextcloud is 20.0.1
    • Davx5 is 3.3.7-ose
    • My timezone doesn’t have DST

    I have checked the DebugLog of Davx5 but there doesn’t seem to be anything related to this, I can still share if if required.

    Any ideas what the problem could be or what I can do to identify it?

  • developer

    @aqeeliz When events are moved one hour, it sounds like a timezone problem. We’d need a certain event that has a different time on Android and Nextcloud/Thunderbird; then I can have a look.

  • @rfc2822 I have got the event from Thunderbird

    SUMMARY:Test evet

    This was created from mobile for 18:00, it show up as 19:00 on nextcloud and thunderbird.

    Any idea how I can get this from phone? Also, just to double check, is there any other place (other than Date & Time setting) in phone that shows my current timezone?

    Edit: I have checked the timezone in both Samsung’s Calendar app, and acalendar+, both show it as Asia/Karachi, which is same as the one in event mentioned above.

  • developer

    Is Asia/Karachi the correct time zone?


    1. enable logging in DAVx5 (DAVx5 settings / Logging)
    2. create an event on your mobile phone
    3. sync it and make sure that it appears in Nextcloud/Thunderbird
    4. send the .zip with the logs to
    5. disable logging


  • @rfc2822 Yes, it’s the correct timezone.

    I have sent the debug info, one thing that is obvious from logs is that nextcloud isn’t doing anything, event is sent to server with one hour added to it, so issue is definitely in phone, now just need to figure out what is causing this.

    I forgot to mention in email, but I created the event for 10:00 - 10:30 am.

  • developer

    @aqeeliz Thanks for the logs. I could identify the problem, but unfortunately we have suddently got a lot of work, so it will take some time until I can try to fix it.

  • @rfc2822 Sure, no problem. Take your time, and thanks for all the help!

  • developer

  • admin

    @aqeeliz You can easily workaround that issue when choosing a timezone similar to Karachi. Like for example Yekaterinburg - which has also GMT+5. It should work until we got that fixed in DAVx⁵.

  • developer

    @aqeeliz Does that workaround (Yekaterinburg) work for you?

  • @devvv4ever Thanks for the tip. Changing device’s timezone to Yekaterinburg solved the issue for any new event created, but it didn’t update events already created. Is there any way to fix all those without removing and re-adding the account?

  • developer

    @aqeeliz Unfortunately, this workaround only works for new events (or changed events when you change them to Yekaterinburg on the server and they are synced again).

    And you don’t have to change the device timezone if you don’t want, it’s sufficient to only set the time zone of the events (e.g. in Nextcloud; either per-event or as a default setting, which will apply to new events).

  • @rfc2822 Ah, okay. There are only couple of recurring events which are problematic for me right now, will manually update them.

    Thanks for the help.

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