Task sync with caldav calendar synlogy did not work properly

  • Good morning everybody,

    yesterday evening, I tried to swap from the “normal” caldav/webdav server to calendar at my synology diskstation, because it is recommended from DavX5.
    All calendars work even better than before, but I have the topic, that my “old” or still existing tasks are not synchronized, even opentasks show 0 tasks.
    In Outlook with CalDav-Synchronizer and also in Thunderbird all old tasks appear, meaning they are synchronized.

    When I create a new task it will be synchronized immediately…but the rest (about 1.000 tasks, also done tasks) is still not synchronized.

    Do you have any hind for me? Enclosed you will also find a davx5-log.txt .


  • developer

    @nomad Hi,

    So you have moved the old tasks to the new server? I’m not sure that I understand the details of your configuration. Can you please provide steps to reproduce the problem?

  • Hello rfc2822,

    of course:

    1. I installed the calendar application of Synology at my DS, then created a new calendar for my user.
    2. Via caldav synchronizer at outlook, there I changed the connection to the new url.
    3. Then started the synchronization with outlook as source.
    4. All calendar entries and tasks where synchronized to the new calendar --> I have checked it at the web frontend of the Synology calendar.
    5. Entered the new connection to DAVx5 and there all sources which were created appear, including tasks.
    6. I start synchronization and all calendar entries appear, despite the tasks. 0 of 1.000 tasks…
    7. When I create a new task whether in outlook or android it will immediately appear at the frontend and the opposite device.

    Hope this gives you a glimpse of an idea how I managed it.
    If you have another way I will try or maybe a workaround? Because I only have to do it once. (but I won’t use google at all).


  • I managed to solve th issue. Maybe it is also interesting for others. So here is my solution:
    You have to creat a task list in calendar of synology. This list get a special folder, like the normal calendars (e.g. your_url/home/abcdefg/) the connection to the tasks in caldav synchronizer at outlook must be to this special folder. --> I only found this name in DavX5 --> three dots next to the task list --> attributes

    This is the only way it works for me.


  • developer

    Thanks for the update!

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