Synchronization resets to manual after Update

  • I have installed DAVx via F-Droid. Over a span of about a year, each update resets the synchronization settings to “Only manual” for contacs, calendars and tasks on every account.
    Going into the settings and choosing a periodic sync reenables automatic synchronisation and DAVx continues to work as expected.
    Last noticed when updating end of last week to version 3.3.6.

    Not sure which details to provide. Running Lineage 15.1.

  • developer

    The sync intervals are managed by Android.

    Are you sure that this happens when updating? And not for instance when rebooting (or rebooting into safe mode)?

  • It indeed happens when rebooting. Did not notice that at all.

    So DAVx uses sync settings in the Android Settings, below “Users & accounts” option? In there sync is turned on for all items with no further option to specify the interval, as in the DAVx settings.

    If this topic gets to much into the “Android support” realm, we can leave it hanging here, as it’s not DAVx related.

    Edit: Welp, tried rebooting some more times and it worked this time. So seems the reboot is not the root issue.

  • developer


    1. Did you perhaps move DAVx5 to an SD card or something like that?
    2. Can you please provide your debug info? It’s very important.
    3. Does this also happen for other account types (e.g. email or Firefox sync)?

    1. DAVx is installed normally, did not move to SD, should be on internal storage.
    2. Appended. Cleaned some personal data from the info. debug-info.txt
    3. Only 2 accounts are used, connecting to a Nextcloud instance. One account for contacts, one for calendars. Only other apps, that might sync data automatically, are Nextcloud and WhatsApp. Did not have any issues yet. No mail app/FF sync on the phone.

    Further info: No Google Play Services on the phone, am using microG. Although sync should be in Android directly afaik.

  • developer

    @dremerb I don’t have Google apps on my phone, too. The only reproducible way to reset the sync intervals is when I reboot into safe mode…

  • @rfc2822 That came really close! Never have used safe reboot, but a hard shutdown (press the power button, until it dies) resets the intervals, too.
    After the next OS crash, I could check, if this is a cause, too.

    I understood correctly that there is nothing to be done against the resets of the intervals, as this is an Android thing?

  • developer

    @dremerb Yes. Maybe we could introduce some workaround (when DAVx5 is started, check whether the sync intervals are still what they should be and otherwise set them again), but at the moment there is no such feature.

  • @rfc2822 I see a new commit regarding this issue :3
    Will try to find some time over the weekend to test the fix 🙂

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