Clarification about "the native android calendar" for a newbie?

  • I’m sorry if this is a very general question, or if the answer should be obvious, but I’ve looked all over the internet and can’t find a clear answer…

    I’m aware that CalDAV is a standard for storing (and retrieving and updating) personal calendar data on a server, and I’m aware that DAVx5 is not a calendar-viewing app, it’s an app to fetch calendar data from a CalDAV server and store it in “the native android calendar” so that other calendar-viewing apps can then visualise it, send notifications, etc.

    My question is mainly just, what is “the native android calendar” and where can I control it? Everything that I find online treats it as completely synonymous with Google Calendar (which is presumably how 99% of users use it), but the existence of DAVx5 suggests that it isn’t actually strictly 1:1 with Google Calendar – I initially thought that DAVx5 was an app for synchronizing a CalDAV account with a Google Calendar account, but the DAVx5 website suggests that you can use it without a Google account, so…

    Given that, I’m assuming that “the native android calendar” is some service-agnostic database on the device itself, that by default has two things interacting with it:

    1. a system service that synchronizes it with a Google Calendar account
    2. the Google Calendar app displaying its contents to the user

    and that some users replace #2 with a different calendar GUI app while leaving #1 connecting it to their Google Calendar account regardless (I was originally very confused when searching for calendar apps and finding some that listed online sync support but absolutely nothing in terms of what services they support, until realising this separation meant these apps weren’t responsible for the syncing whatsoever)… and that DAVx5 is a replacement for #1, to allow for this system-wide calendar to be populated by a CalDAV server, which any “native android calendar”-supporting calendar GUI app would then display. Do I have this right so far?

    Assuming that’s all correct, I just have a few questions to fill in the blanks in my understanding; things like:

    • how do I turn off whatever’s synchronizing my “native android calendar” with Google Calendar, without removing my Google account from my phone completely? (i.e. so I can still use the Play Store…) Is disabling the Google Calendar app enough, or would that only disable the GUI without disabling the syncing? (Is there anywhere that I can view what’s writing to my native calendar? I can see a couple of system services have access to it, but I’m not sure whether that’s just for reading…)
    • how can I view the current contents of my “native android calendar”? i.e. so I can be sure that it isn’t full of old events from my Google Calendar, that would then wind up synchronizing with my new CalDAV server… (I guess this is just a matter of knowing an android calendar app besides Google Calendar?)

    I guess that’s it, but this whole thing still feels very uncertain to me, so I appreciate any clarification about how these things work. Thank you!

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    Did you already have a look at the image here:

    There you can see the “Android Calendar Storage”. It’s a system app ( which only defines a database. You can find more information here:

    how do I turn off whatever’s synchronizing my “native android calendar” with Google Calendar

    Android / Accounts / Your google account / Sync / Calendars - disable

    how can I view the current contents of my “native android calendar”

    You can use every calendar app to do so. Or adb on the console:

  • Perfect, thank you! This clears everything up. (Sorry I missed that FAQ page – I looked through the titles but that one hadn’t jumped out at me at the time.)

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