Cannot login to nextcloud's carddav

  • Hi there,

    I cannot succeed in logging in to my own nextcloud carddav using DAVx5 3.3.5-gplay on a Samsung S7 (Android 8), whereas I can get access to it using other software (cadaver on GNU/Linux, on Android). I tried by the way of the nextcloud android app (which makes uses of DAVx5), same issue. Note that I tried both the login with URL+user name and the advanced login methods.

    I get a Configuration detection error: couldn’t find CalDAV or CardDAV service.
    It’s a nextcloud 16.0.1 + the official plug-in’s contacts 3.2.0 + calendar 1.7.3 in there.

    Should I show the debug-info.txt and logs.txt here? They don’t mean a lot of things to me :-/, I see a “405 Method Not Allowed” during a PROPFIND attempt, then a “Couldn’t detect services on …” followed by a java exception.

  • @kukrapok said in Cannot login to nextcloud's carddav:

    It’s a nextcloud 16.0.1

    Your Nextcloud version has already been declared End-Of-Life in April 2020. Please update your server asap to a supported version, like e.g. Nextcloud 19 or 20.

  • I’m currently trying hard to complete that upgrade (still failing though). Do you think it might be the issue, or are you just considering user support here when related software is itself supported?

  • admin

    I don’t know the details here but you could try to by-pass the resource detection by entering the direct URL to the address book. Maybe that helps…

  • At last I could upgrade the nextcloud install up to 19.0.4. This obviously didn’t change a single thing, problem is still there, same symptoms.

  • @kukrapok Using an up-to-date software on the server sites guaranties that you’re not running into a problem which has already been solved by an update - so it is always worth it.

    Are there any messages being displayed in Nextcloud “Settings -> Adminstration -> Overview -> Security & setup warnings”?

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