Contact photo not syncronized anymore

  • Environment: Nextcloud 19.0.4, Contacts app 3.4.1, DAVx5 3.3.5-gplay

    I’ve just realized that a contact photo of a newly created contact record (created on Nextcloud) hasn’t been synchronized to my mobile phone.

    Due to the fact that both apps, the Nextcloud Contacts app and also the DAVx5 app on my phone have been updated in the last couple of days, I try to narrow down the root cause of the problem and hope you can help me to investigate further.

    I’ve enabled the debug logging in DAVx5 and checked the trace information. I can see that DAVx5 loads the contact record (VCARD 4.0 format), greps all its information (including the photo entity)
    but then runs into an “Invalid external resource URL” error.

    Excerpt of the debug trace:

     YmYw ...
    2020-10-28 08:38:10 210412 [HttpClient] <-- END HTTP (41940-byte body)
    2020-10-28 08:38:10 210412 [syncadapter.ContactsSyncManager] Processing CardDAV resource 95BDFCDA-84F8-4190-B96C-4FB20327FAE6.vcf
    2020-10-28 08:38:10 210412 [Contact] Downloading photo from 
    2020-10-28 08:38:10 210412 [syncadapter.ContactsSyncManager] Invalid external resource URL
    	PARAMETER #0 = 
    2020-10-28 08:38:10 210412 [syncadapter.ContactsSyncManager] Updating 95BDFCDA-84F8-4190-B96C-4FB20327FAE6.vcf in local address book

    Now I wonder if this problem is caused by Nextcloud or DAVx5 and why DAVx5 is able to display all information but then fails to extract/download the photo?!


  • developer

    @j-ed said in Contact photo not syncronized anymore:


    I wonder why the comma (,) is escaped. In it’s not escaped. I think that’s the problem. Can you ask at Nextcloud?

  • @rfc2822 Thank you for your fast analysis. I’ve opened an issue ticket in the Nextcloud server repository to address the problem.

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