Disabled sync of subscriptions is being enabled again automatically

  • If I disable the sync of a subscription on my mobile it is being enabled again automatically after some hours. Is this a known issue? I can provide more details or analysing support if required.

  • developer

    No, it’s not known, and yes, please provide more information.

  • OK. I have the following situation:

    • Two identical mobiles (Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 SM-A750fN/DS 64 GB) with Android 10 (latest minor version installed).
    • One mobile is configured to use English display language, one German display language.
    • ICSx5 installed on both mobiles and added the same Ics-Url.
    • Ics-Url is currently not reachable (which is why I tried to disable the ics subscription in ICSx5. (You can easily simulate this situation by using any Ics-Url which is not existent.)
    • Disabled the subscription by disabling “Synchronize this calendar” bzw. on the German mobile “Diesen Kalender aktualisieren”.
    • Now the main ICSx5 screen says: “Sync. disabled” And in red: “Unable to resolve host ‘…’: No address associated with hostname” bzw. on the German mobile “Automatische Aktualisierung deaktiviert” And in red: “Unable to resolve host ‘…’: No address associated with hostname”
    • Now on the English mobile, the disabled subscription stays disabled while on the German mobile the disabled subscription is being enabled again after some hours. (I couldn’t figure out why.)

    Can you do something with this information? Do you need further information?

  • Are there any findings/information/news about this?

  • Any news?

  • developer

    Do you have only ICSx5 without DAVx5?

    Whether a calendar is synchronized or not is controlled by the SYNC_EVENTS column. ICSx5 only changes this column when you add or modify a subscription.

    So is it possible that there is some other app (e.g. calendar app) which modifies this SYNC_EVENTS flag of the calendar?

  • Hmm. OK, seems that any other app modifies this flag … Indeed I have multiple calendar apps installed (DigiCal, Samsung Calendar, Google Calendar). How could I check whether one of these modifies the flag?

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