All Contacts Missing After Calendar Sync

  • Yesterday I set up syncing my calendar (local WLAN only) from a Synology DS212 to my Android device (Shift 5me, Shift OS/AOSP 8.0) using Simple Contacts Pro (6.13.0), Simple Calendar Pro (6.10.3) and DAVx5 (3.3.2-ose) - all installed from F-Droid.

    Calendarwise everything went pretty smooth an worked, but after the sync all my contacts were gone.

    There are no contacts provided on my NAS, so my expectation was, that existing contacts on my Android device wouldn’t be touched. Anyway I had (unknowingly) granted write permission for contacts to DAVx5 on Android side.

    I didn’t set/found an explicit contacts account or contacts-sync-activation to disable in the DAVx5 App before initially syncing, so again I didn’t expect any action on my existing contacts.

    I’m still hoping that my contacts are just “somewhere” on the device and not completely lost. Can anyone help me, sorting this out?

    For reference, here’s the issue at Simple Contacts bug tracker, which I filed first.

  • developer

    DAVx5 will only synchronize to DAVx5 Accounts. So the question is, in which (Android) account are your old contacts saved?

    You can transfer them between accounts. See also Does that help?

  • Well, not really. First to be clear, my intention was to only sync my calender an not contacts, because I don’t have any adressbook maintained remotely.

    After reading yours and the reply at the Simple Mobile Tools forum (link see my first post), I deleted the DAVx5 and Android Account hoping that my recent contacts might appear again. “Withtout any Android account” was the actual state before setting up DAVx5 sync, besides maybe a built-in, implicit one. I don’t know if this exists under the hood, but in the Settings there was no account shown before. I’m sure about that.

    Additionally the statement in the Simple Contacts Pro forum, that the contacts app is agnostic to any account and kind of takes what it gets/finds on a device in terms of contacts, made me hope that the contacts might be seen again after account deletion.

    Putting the provided information together, I tend to say, that DAVx5 was at least involved in the deletion of my contacts. Unfortunately even after account removal there were just the few contacts left, that I recreated after losing the whole address book on my Android device.

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