Need to tap sync twice to have changed calendar entries being written to server

  • I use DAVx5 3.3.1-ose in Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus (SM-G901F), LineageOS for microG 16 (Android 9).
    I sync address book and calendar with a Radicale 3.0.6 server locally on my notebook (Windows 10 Professional 64 bit) via the hotspot of the notebook.
    As I do syncing not constantly automatic sync is deactivated on the phone, I sync manually.
    Syncing the address book works flawless. Writing new/changed events from the server to the phone also. But to write events from the phone to the server I need to tap the sync button twice. The first sync runs for a moment but nothing is written to the server. The second sync then writes the events to the server as expected.
    There is no difference whether I use the sync button in phone account settings, on DAVx5 start page or the separate buttons for address book and calendar.
    Is this an issue of DAVx5, the Radicale server or the phone itself?

    (The log is from previous DAVx5 version, but nothing changed since)

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    when you press the sync button, the sync is not automatically performed. Instead a sync gets scheduled with a high priority. DAVx5 can never start it’s own sync process - the sync of DAVx5 is always launched by the system which has control over the sync framework DAVx5 relies on. So sometimes if you press that button twice, the system gets another schedule and decides to speed up the sync maybe. But if you give the sync a bit time it should also run by itself in the background (within a minute or so).

    Hope that helps!

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