• Hello,
    I try to make davx5 work on Xiaomi redmi note 9s, with medium luck.

    I have my own working Nextcloud instance (supported by yunohost), and want to sync contacts and calendar.

    It seemed to work (I have the phone only for a week, now), but I had two davx instance and error message “can’t sync, no network” what was obviously wrong since I can scan the internet.

    I removed this account.

    Now I can’t even recreate it from nextcloud? I get an error "no available web page … nextcloud/index.php/login/flow

    and it’s true this page do not exist, at least the “flow” part, because if I remove this word I can open it in Firefox.

    any clue?
    davx5 from f-droid

  • This morning, I uninstalled davx and reinstalled it from f-droid, configure, and it seems to work.
    Hope it will continue to do so 🙂

  • developer

    Thanks for the update!

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