Sync time periods - pause syncing overnight

  • Hi everyone, first of all congrats on the fantastic app! 🙂

    I think it would be a nice improvement if users could tell DavX to avoid syncing during certain time periods, e.g. overnight.

    Currently, I’d prefer to have my syncing every hour, but the problem is this causes all of my server’s disks to wake up once per hour for the sync. During the day this isn’t too bad since the disks would often otherwise be awake, but overnight this causes lots of unnecessary disk wakes. It would be great if we could tell the app “only sync between 08:00 and 22:00”, for example, to avoid those unnecessary syncs.

    My current workaround is set the syncs to happen every 4 hours, which helps with this issue a bit (only 1 unnecessary sync overnight generally). However, using this setting also makes my calendar pretty useless during the day unless I manually update all the time.

    Anyone else think this is a good idea? 🙂

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