DAVx5 not respecting global sync setting

  • My webdav server is temporarily down, so DAVx5 is periodically spamming synchronization errors, which is expected behavior.

    I then manually disabled system-wide automatic synchronization, to get it to stop, but I still periodically get the synchronization errors.

    This suggests to me, that the application is either not aware of the global sync setting or is not respecting it.

    When I open the application, there is a message saying “System-wide automatic synchronization is disabled”, so it clearly knows that I have disabled sync.

    Is this intended behavior?

    Version info says 3.3-ose (303000006) on a Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro running Android 10 with latest updates.

  • @kobberholm If you could attach debug logs here, then someone can tell what triggered the sync.

  • Hello phy25.

    I had disabled DAVx5’s notification-permissions to make it quiet for a while, so I could not say for sure if it was still going on.

    I now enabled verbose logging and re-enabled notifications. So I know for sure, that the sync (and sync errors) are till going on and here is the log file.

    Hope you can see what might be wrong. Thanks 🙂

  • I have set up a new Nextcloud server and deleted the old account, so the issue no longer occurs.
    I suspect it was Etar that kept trying to get updates regardless of global sync setting.

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