• Just took the Android 11 update on a Pixel 3a XL… updated all apps, and synced, and there is no DAVx5 list of contacts that I see in the Google Contacts app.

    In v10, I could choose between DAVx5 and Google. Either that is gone, or its buried in some setting I haven’t found.

    Surely I’m not the first to take v11. Any ideas?

    UPDATE1… The only option seems to be to select “Contacts from all accounts”… unlike v10 which I could choose DAVX5. Maybe this is a droid bug, but at least I have my contacts.

  • developer

    See https://forums.bitfire.at/post/13303 – please try DAVx5 3.3.1-beta1 if you’re using Android 11 beta.

  • Perfect. That solved it. Added/synced contact, then deleted it from server and resynced. All looks good. Thanks!

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