• I’m trying to connect to my Nextcloud server that sits on an .onion address, but it won’t work. I have version 3.3-ose of DAVx5 and version 16.3.0-RC-1-tor- of Orbot running, both from F-Droid. I followed this guide https://www.davx5.com/faq/using-with-tor and I’m using Login with URL and user name.

    The response I get when trying to connect is 405 Method not allowed. This is an HTTP CONNECT tunnel, not an HTTP proxy. Please configure your client accordingly.

    Have I missed something?

  • developer

    @Bluebird Did you use localhost:8118 as proxy?

  • Yes, exactly.

  • I could also add that at first attempt the URL started with https:// by mistake, then the response was “Unexpected response code for CONNECT: 502”. And it took a short while before it produced the response. When I changed the URL to start with http:// then I got the 405 response, and it came immediately.

  • developer

    And using the same Orbot proxy in other apps, for instance a browser, works? Then please provide verbose DAVx5 logs, where you can find the whole HTTP traffic.

  • logs.txt

    I’ve attached the log

    I now also tested with Privacy Browser and configured it to use localhost:8118 and it is interesting because going to a https address works fine but not a http address, then I get the same “This is an HTTP CONNECT tunnel, not a full HTTP Proxy” and “You can also
    use HTTPS; then the client should automatically use HTTP CONNECT”

    Tor Browser on my phone connects fine with my Nextcloud server at the http onion address

  • developer

    Ah, it seems the Orbot proxy only implements HTTPS CONNECT, i.e. it won’t work for http:// URLs, but only for https://.

  • I’m reading that differently, that the client has to use HTTP CONNECT and not Proxy and that HTTPS goes automatically to HTTP CONNECT.

    Could DIVx5 be modified to work with Orbot?

  • developer

    @Bluebird As I see it, these two statements are two sides of the same coin:

    1. Orbot should implement a “real” HTTP proxy so that http:// URLs work, or
    2. applications should implement “HTTP CONNECT” instead of using the normal HTTP protocol for proxied http:// URLs.

    So at the moment, unfortunately only https:// links will work with Orbot + DAVx5, because

    1. Orbot doesn’t provide a real HTTP proxy,
    2. DAVx5 doesn’t use “HTTP CONNECT”, but the normal HTTP protocol for proxied http:// URLs (while https:// URLs always imply HTTP CONNECT).

    I’ll add that to the DAVx5 FAQ when I have more time.

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