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    DAVx⁵ 3.3

    • accounts overview: show sync/refresh status of every account with a progress bar
    • accounts overview: new Sync all accounts action
    • launcher shortcut: Sync all accounts (available as DAVx⁵ has been started the first time); can be used as widget
    • new debug info/share logs screen
      • improved UI (including specific messages for common errors)
      • improved debug info (more information, better readability)
      • Share action now generates a ZIP file with debug info (and logs, if available)


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    DAVx⁵ 3.3.2

    • support for tasks synchronization with Tasks app [not all fields, see comparison table]
    • minor improvements, bug fixes, translations


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    DAVx⁵ 3.3.3

    • support for Android 11
      • ask for permission to keep permissions in Permissions fragment
      • handle background location permission for WiFi SSID restriction as required for Android 11
      • declare requirements for package visibility
    • login over Nextcloud app: use Login Flow v2 and Custom Tabs to support WebAuthn; so for instance 2FA with Yubikey is now supported
    • minor improvements, bug fixes (including a big where OpenTasks was not shown in the permissions fragment when tasks.org was not installed), translation updates
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    DAVx⁵ 3.3.4

    • add Advanced Login that supports
      • authentication with username/password and/or
      • client certificates;
      • or anonymous login
    • fix “Empty values” exception when synchronizing changed contacts in vCard4-style groups


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    Sync algorithm: when uploading a locally modified resource results in 404/410, try as fresh upload again. Fixes some unnecessary 404 error messages.

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    DAVx⁵ 3.3.5

    • work around timezone problem of libical-based servers
    • account setup: open account immediately after setup
    • account settings: make password a password field
    • don’t require location permissions for SSID access on Android <8
    • add ICSx⁵ to visible packages so that it can be detected under Android 11
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    DAVX⁵ 3.3.6

    • when an account is created, open it immediately after setup
    • don’t ask for active location services on Android <9 / location permissions on Android 8.0
    • custom certificates: make it possible to trust different certificates with the same CN
    • don’t sync Webcal-only calendars/tasks lists over CalDAV (may cause duplicate calendars)
    • better Android 11 compatibility
    • minor improvements and bug fixes
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    DAVx⁵ 3.3.7

    • account view: new setting “show only personal collections” (shows only collections from homesets, especially useful with for instance eGroupware)
    • account view: show owner in collection properties (if available)
    • allow to select client certificates for existing accounts
    • save sync intervals and check/repair them at app start and reboot
    • other improvements and bug fixes
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    DAVx⁵ 3.3.8

    • vCard nickname and Website URL: treat TYPE value as case-insensitive
    • CalDAV: don’t show collections which are not calendars/task lists in the list
    • BatchOperation: fix back references when the transaction has to be split multiple times
    • debug info: include interface name and DNS servers
    • minor improvements and bug fixes
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    DAV⁵ 3.3.9

    • new option: keep in foreground (may help when the device prevents automatic synchronization)
    • AccountActivity: finish when account has been removed externally; don’t show “Create addressbook/calendar” when there’s no bind privilege on any homeset
    • WebDAV service detection: save all information of homesets again
    • debug info: show number of events, contacts, tasks for each account (to know whether sync is working)


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    DAVx⁵ 3.3.10


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    DAVx⁵ 3.3.11

    • support for dark theme; new option to force light/dark theme
    • [CalDAV] assume 1 day/1 hour for Android events without dtEnd and duration (should not occur, but occurs)
    • [CardDAV] don’t convert TYPEs into explicit custom labels
    • [Android 11] fix problems when viewing URLs in some default browsers
    • minor improvements and bug fixes; updated translations


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    DAVx⁵ 3.3.12

    • login: provide auto-completion for some common base URLs
    • debug info: better zip sharing
    • minor bug fixes and improvements
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