Unable to sync with Synology Cardav

  • Hello,

    I installed davx5 on my new realme X2 pro by building source with Android Studio.
    I’m connected to my Cardav server, but when I start à sync, I have a error message :

    HTTP server error - HTTP 500 Internal server error.

    My davx5 log file

    Thanks in advance for you advices.

  • developer


    It’s a server error. Please check your server.

  • developer

    Did you import the contacts directly from Android vcf (vCard 2.x) to Synology?

  • admin

    @Aurel-P This is always occuring when you import erroneus vcf directly into the Synology. Synology does not correct these vcfs and on DAVx5’s request the server crashes by delivering these data.

    • Please delete the address book.
    • Create an empty one and make a DAVx5 account connected to this new address book.
    • Then import the vcf files directly on Android into this new account.
    • Synchronize
    • Then it should work.

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