• Setup

    • ICS 1.8.9 (build source code from gitlab.com with AndroidStudio)
    • Android 8.1
    • one https calendar

    Calendar sync is always disabled. After setting the sync interval to 1 hour Snackbar shows “Automatic sync disabled” and the calendar is never synced.
    Re-entering the sync interval dialog it shows “Only manually”

    in at/bitfire/icsdroid/ui/CalendarListActivity.kt line 136ff:
    It seems that AppAccount.syncInterval(this) == AppAccount.SYNC_INTERVAL_MANUALLY is always true and !ContentResolver.getMasterSyncAutomatically() is always false on my device (unbelievable but true)

    First I added ContentResolver.setMasterSyncAutomatically(true) and executed it once sync worked as expected. Even after I reverted my change.

    Then I added ContentResolver.setMasterSyncAutomatically(false) somewhere in the code and the notification calendar_list_master_sync_disabled was shown (as expected).

    It seems that master sync is off and ContentResolver.getMasterSyncAutomatically() is true when ContentResolver.setMasterSyncAutomatically was never called on a device (unbelievable ?).

    I can still reproduce the problem on another device where ContentResolver.setMasterSyncAutomatically was never executed.

  • developer


    Which device do you have? And which firmware?

  • Hi,

    thanks for the fast response.

    I use the original firmware on a Nexus 5X (Android 8.1.0) and
    a Samsung S7 (Android 8.0.0, security patch 1. July 2020)

    On the Samsung S7 I have never installed anything unusual. k9mail and more is installed on my Nexus 5X.

    I guess
    ContentResolver.getMasterSyncAutomatically(ContentResolver.getMasterSyncAutomatically()) would help but I am mot sure if ICSx⁵ is the best place for it.

  • ContentResolver.setMasterSyncAutomatically(ContentResolver.getMasterSyncAutomatically())

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