Make davdroid work with

  • I created an issue in the tine bugtracker:

    Reason it doen’t work is:
    0adc7 mm - 2013-12-21T21:02:50+00:00 WARN (4): Calendar_Frontend_WebDAV_Event::put::351 update by generic client not allowed. See Calendar_Convert_Event_VCalendar_Factory for supported clients.

  • developer

    So, you have created this issue for Tine, which seems to be the right place. But why have you created an issue here, too? Please explain your detailed concern so that we can understand it.

  • Well, mostly as reminder to make you aware of another sync source, and to get tine added to the compatible servers, should this issue (with tine) be resolved. I just commented out the generic client check in tine and davdroid seems to work, but I’ll keep an eye on it if that is really correct. Anyways, thanks a lot for your work, davdroid is a great help to using android without the google infrastructure. I really like it. Feel free to close this issue if it annoys you.

  • developer

    I’m happy that people are participating. However, it makes me nervous if there are too many open issues and for this one, I can’t do anything because there is no known incompatibility from DAVdroid’s side. So, I’ll close this. If you find any DAVdroid problems in relation to Tine, please either create a new issue or post here if the issue is only valid for Tine.

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