Creating new calendars fails via horde

  • Hi x⁵ people,

    I’m almost sure my issue has little to do with DAVx⁵ but I would still like to ask my question in the hope to get directions where to go/ what to research.

    I am using the horde server via CPanel. All works reasonably well but I can’t create a new calendar from the app. I get a pop-up with the following message: unexpected end of stream on https//[url].nl:2080/...

    Now this is probably a restriction from my host. I couldn’t find the issue here or anywhere else so I think I’m on my own. But it might be horde. I don’t think ints DAVx⁵ because the same issue pops up if I use another sync app.

    Any clue if I can fix this myself? Where do I look?
    (fyi: host sais (litterally): “we do not support caldav. Be happy it works mostly!” - they are cheap, I don’t complain😁 - and somehow I don’t expect a lot from horde support hence I’m posting here. Hi!)

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