HTTP 403 error when syncing Calendars from

  • davx5-info.txt

    Hi, I get error HTTP 403 when syncing calendars to I searched the forums but found nothing similar. Sorry if this has been asked.

    Thanks for your time and help.

  • developer

    Hi, sends this:

    <min-date-time xmlns=“urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:caldav” />

    That means []:

    (CALDAV:min-date-time): The resource submitted in the PUT request, or targeted by a COPY or MOVE request, MUST have all of its iCalendar DATE or DATE-TIME property values (for each recurring instance) greater than or equal to the value of the CALDAV:min-date-time property value (Section 5.2.6) on the calendar collection where the resource will be stored;

    The earliest time I can find in your event is:


    so it seems the calendar doesn’t want events from 2016.

    Can you enter such an event in the Web interface?

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    I imported my calendar events on my Android via an app called Calendar Import-Export and it contained events from long ago until now. Do you suggest I remove the older events and give sync a try again?

    I didn’t enter any event from the Web interface.

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