403 forbidden when connecting on owncloud 6

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    The old problem: “~” is not an allowed character in URLs. The lever that makes it (not) working is not HTTP/HTTPS but whether the URL contains a tilde or not.


    • curl -v -X PROPFIND --user user:pw https://owncloud.arvixe.com/~user/remote.php/caldav returns 200 OK
    • curl -v -X PROPFIND --user user:pw https://owncloud.arvixe.com/%7euser/remote.php/caldav returns 403 Forbidden

    So, to fix the bug, please report to Arvixe that their server should understand properly encoded URLs (even it they say that tilde is allowed in URLs, servers should always understand the escaped form; this is the reason why DAVdroid always sends the encoded URLs when not sure). Can you please do that? You can mention this issue for reference.

    For a workaround, you may use an own domain with an own SSL certificate so that you don’t have to use URLs with ~.

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  • Hi, Thank you for letting us know. The customer has a ticket open with us (Arvixe) and we are assisting him through that. Regards.

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    So I’m closing this now. If there’s anything DAVdroid could do, please post here again.

  • Thank you for giving me these hints. It seems that the problem at Arvixe was related to the dot in their subdomain “http://[ChosenAtRegistration].owncloud.arvixe.com”. They were very kind to assist me and provided me something like “http:/[AssignedLater].arvixe.com”. And this way it also works with the SSL certificate. The guys at Arvixe’ support have been very helpful indeed.

    So thank you for directing me in the right path for solving this thing. Maybe this thread helps other, too.

  • I have the same issue on arvixe. I’ve installed owncloud on my own shared server, after many tickets they said that they are not able to fix it, but instead they monkey patched the owncloud code adding a constant with my server url to the owncloud code. This is quite bad since it must be changed everytime owncloud is upgraded. I wonder if you may change your mind and fix it on the davdroid code instead, which would help all people using owncloud with arvixe

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    I wonder if you may change your mind and fix it on the davdroid code instead, which would help all people using owncloud with arvixe

    It’s not a matter of my opinion. URLs must by definition not contain “~” and we had many issues when we used this character unescaped. The problem is that in both cases problems occur, so I’d like to stick with the standards-compliant solution.

    The best solution would be that Arxive decodes URL correctly and converts %7e to tilde internally.

  • @rfc2822 That issue with ~ is fixed and if customers are having issues we need their information to assist them.
    @xdmx please contact QA at Arvixe dot com and we can assist you. Thank you.

  • Arvixe team was very helpful. To the topic: They told me that not the tilde (“~”) is the problem but the dot (“.”), in other words “creating a subdomain of a subdomain, is what prevents the shared ssl from working”.

    So for me the solution was that they offered me a subdomain in the form of “https://[MyOwnSubdomain].arvixe.com” and that works well with the SSL certificate. No code patching necessary.

  • I confirm that now I can connect to the owncloud server using davdroid, but when I try to sync the contacts it says that there has been an error (it doesn’t say anything else). The calendar is synced correctly. From other carddav apps and from the desktop it works

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