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    Version 3.2

    • always set “Sync over WiFi only” when data saver is active
    • show CalDAV/CardDAV account settings only when CalDAV/CardDAV is present
    • login: show “username/password wrong” when 401 is encountered during resource detection
    • various minor improvements and fixes


    • improvements for CalDAV Scheduling, including support for Schedule-Tag
    • improvements for recurring events, including exceptions
    • more compatible iCalendar generation
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    Version 3.2.1

    • fix 412 Precondition failed error message when uploading a resource that has been modified on the server since last sync
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    • fix sync error on non-recurring events when DTSTART is UTC (...Z) and there is no DTEND but a DURATION
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    • regenerate UID if it was dropped from an existing resource
    • sort accounts in AccountsActivity by name
    • rename account: handle exceptions (for instance, when the desired name already exists)
    • update dependencies
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    • fix Nextcloud Login Flow with @ in user name
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    • fix sync interval sometimes not updated in UI after changing it
    • don’t grey out WiFi SSID setting when data saver is active
    • WebDAV: don’t follow redirects from HTTPS to HTTP
    • CardDAV: don’t keep SORT-STRING as unknown property
    • CalDAV tasks: fix rewriting of DTSTART/DUE when one of them is a date and the other a date-time
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