Connecting from Nextcloud App (Android) to Davx5 failed ("Error Code 3, connection not secure")

  • Hi, I hope someone could help me. I have a Nextcloud running on my server at home. I only use it at home, so I dont use a domain. I just access it via internal IP Address and i set in a self signed certificate to access it via https.
    When I use Davx5, i can connect to my server to sync my calendar and contact without problems. When I was setting it up (via URL and username + password), there was a warning about my self signed certificate not to be secure, but I could click a “trust” or “accept” button and it works wonderfully.
    Now I installed the Nextcloud app and tried to connect to Davx5 via the Settings>Sync Calendar and Contacts -Button. Then I got an error “connection not secure, error code 3” and a button “try again”. There is no option to manually “trust” the connection.

    Is there a possibility to make Davx5 trust my self signed certificate via accessing from Nextcloud app?

    Davx5: 3.1.1-ose
    Nextcloud App: 3.12.0

    Thank you so much in advance.

  • developer


    DAVx5 uses an Android WebView to show the Nextcloud login page. According to WebViewClient’s documentation:

    Applications are advised not to prompt the user about SSL errors, as the user is unlikely to be able to make an informed security decision and WebView does not provide any UI for showing the details of the error in a meaningful way.

    So if you’re using self-signed certificates, please create the account directly in DAVx5 instead of using the Login Flow from the Nextcloud app.

    Or get a free Let’s Encrypt certificate, in case that your service is accessible from the Internet…

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