"412 Precondition Failed" error when trying to sync with a Radicale server

  • Hello,

    I’ve been using Davx5 to synchronize contacts between devices through a Radicale server for years without any major difficulties.

    Since the 19th of June (since the deployment of Davx5 3.1.1? I cannot confirm this), I’m not able to push updates from one of the devices to the Radicale server: I get a “412 Precondition Failed” error.
    See: https://fpaste.me/g0TtyH53vI

    However, I’m able to get the updates from the other devices.
    I do not have any issues on other devices.

    I’m using Davx5 3.1.1-ose installed from FDroid on all my devices.
    The device on which I encounter the issue is a Motorola Moto X Play, running Android 7.1.1.
    On server side I have radicale 2.1.11-6 running on a Debian 10.4.

    Can you please help me?

    Thank you

  • developer


    I see the problem in the logs.

    How did you get this contact to the device? Did you sync it over DAVx5 or import it somehow? Were there any special operations involved, like moving contacts between accounts or renaming the account?

  • Hello,

    I would say that on this device most of the contacts were imported from vCard exports from another device and then pushed to the server. But to be honnest, I cannot tell for sure since I’ve been using this solution for years.
    Also ~4 months ago, I ran an upgrade of Radicale on the server which broke the configuration. If I’m remembering well, I removed and configured again the account in Davx5 on this device at this time to set the new configuration.
    From what I understand it may be related to the issue I’m having now. :s
    Not sure if it can help, but I know that at least one of the 3 card that the device fails to push has been created after this event. I cannot tell if it has been created on this specific device, the card exist on the server and on all my devices.

  • developer

    This should be fixed in the next version. I can also send you an APK if you’d like to test it, but you would have to uninstall DAVx5 and then install it again (because the signing key is different from the -ose one). And then the problem would probably disappear in any case, so we won’t know if it’s fixed by the updated APK or by the re-installation.

  • Thank you very much for the quick troubleshoot and fix, then. 🙂
    I would say that it’s OK for me to wait for the next version. However if you are interested in having me testing the fix, you can send the APK and I’ll be happy to help but I understand that the test will probably not be significant then it is probably not necessary.

  • Hi,

    I too have started seeing this 412 error, having used DAVx5 for many years with no issues.

    I updated DAVx5 on my phone (Moto G6 plus Android 9) from the play store yesterday and am seeing the error today.
    I’m getting my contacts from a self hosted Nextcloud server (Nextcloud v 18.0.5, NextCloudPi v1.26.2).

    I generally add my contacts into Nextcloud via the web interface, but occasionally will add them to the phone.
    Is my error log of any use to you, or do you already have enough information about this?

  • developer

    @DAveShillito It has already been fixed with 3.2.1. Please update to 3.2.1.

    Can you confirm that it works again with 3.2.1?

  • Cheers,

    I just updated and the sync occurred without the error, so yes it looks fixed.

    Thank you 🙂

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