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    I just migrated from CalDAV-Sync/CardDAV-Sync to DAVx5. It looks great, but I found one issue. I set up everything and I can see contacts in the Contacts and Phone apps on my Note10+. That’s great! When I tried to add a new contact, I got a pop-up “Save contact to”. There is no DAVx5 account there and there is no way to add new contacts to Nextcloud. I tried to add my DAVx5 account in Contacts => Manage contacts => Default storage location => Add account. There, I can see the DAVx5 Address book account with a blue dot, but clicking it leads me to the DAVx5 UI instead of adding this account to the list. I tried reinstalling the app and readding my Nextcloud account to no avail.

    How can I create new contacts in a DAVx5 account?


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    Samsung has changed the behaviour of their contacts app a bit recently. To be able to choose the storage location go to the contacts app, choose the left menu, then click “All contacts”, at the bottom find the “customize” option. This will bring you back into the contacts and enter the custom mode. You need to click the pencil icon to select all the address books you want to view. Choose the DAVx5 book(s) here. Then click the + button to add an account and scroll to the absolute top - there you will find the drop down option to choose the correct address book. See here:


  • Thanks for the quick answer. Before seeing your response, I tried this:

    1. Add a new Nextcloud account in DAVx5
    2. Check Contacts and Sync in DAVx5
    3. Contacts app => Manage contacts => Sync contacts, no DAVx5
    4. Add account => Select DAVx5 Address book => Now, in DAVx5 => Uncheck and check Contacts => Sync
    5. Back to the Contacts app => Manage contacts => Sync contacts, now DAVx5 is available.
    6. Select DAVx5
    7. Contacts app => Manage contacts => Default storage location => Select DAVx5. Done!

    This procedure worked for me. I don’t know why the first I checked/synced Contacts (step 2), it didn’t work (step 3).

    I have tried your Custom list approach after reinstalling DAVx5. I couldn’t find the Address book under Customize list. This is weird because I can see all my synced contacts, but the address book is not recognized by the Contacts app without unchecking/checking/syncing Contacts again (step 4).

    Anyway, there is a workaround, but it can be tricky for new users.


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    Okay! At least you found a way so that it worked.

    You can also try to use a different contacts app - Google Contacts is a good alternative 🙂

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