• I’ve installed ICSx⁵ on two Android systems. In both cases, I’ve managed to import an .ics file, but only events are imported. No task is visible whatever the task app I use to look up for them. Whant can be wrong?

    Thanks in advance,


  • developer


    At the moment, ICSx5 doesn’t support tasks.

    Can you maybe provide more details about your use case / which feed you use etc? I have never seen a Webcal feed with tasks yet.

  • This is a total surprise to me. Why on earth someone would want to sync a calendar and still ignore the tasks in the process? 🙂
    Anyway, my use case: In my computer, Thunderbird keeps a personal calendar in a .ics file. I don’t want a Google calendar. Privacy first. My .ics calendar file is kept updated into a cloud service, which I access within my phone. I’d like to have this file periodically synced with my local, phone calendar. My calendar is fed up with tasks, more than with events. And I really need to have those tasks available inside my phone.
    Forgive my poor English. If necessary, I may try to clarify a bit more.



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    Did you consider using DAVx5 already with a CalDAV server? ICSx5 was originally done for simple calendar subscription. But we will consider this as a future feature, although I think that you’re the first one requesting it. Thank you!

  • Indeed, I have considered that. But I thought it a little overkill. “Should I sign on a (paid) CalDAV server? Should I install a private CalDAV server at home?” I don’t know yet.

    Meanwhile, are you aware of a good CalDAV server that I should have a look at?

    Again, many thanks.


  • admin

    There is a pretty good list here:


    All should work fine (more or less) 😉 Most people with DAVx5 are using Nextcloud - and therefore it is pretty well tested. You can either get a hosted Nextcloud or host it yourself - but you can also go for an email provider like fastmail, mailbox, mail.com, gmx.net etc.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Consider mine the second request please.
    Having tasks synced as well is of major importance.
    I currently export them as calendar entries but despite being much less useful, it’s plain ugly.

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